English 8, Week of May 1, 2017

I can’t believe it’s already May. This has been a wonderful year. I love my classes, and I love my students! I will be really sorry to see you go, but I hope to see some of you around at the high school and at least ten of you in my Aca Dec class!

What’s going on this week? Some of you will be missing class tomorrow for the CJSF field trip. We also have a minimum day on Wednesday, and we have the awards assembly on Thursday during seventh period.

Tomorrow’s Agenda for Absent Students:

  1. DOL
  2. Lit Log Table of Contents Due (on a separate sheet of paper, not in your LL)
  3. Giver Test
  4. “Understanding Both Sides” WS
  5. HW–Reading Slip (and Get GS Signed if you need to)

Homework this Week:

  • Monday-Get GS Signed and Write Up a Table of Contents for Lit Log (separate sheet of paper)
    • page 1-Clock Partners
    • page 2-Chromebook Rules
    • page 3-Sentence Stems
    • etc.
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip (and Get GS Signed)
  • Wednesday-Debate WS
  • Thursday-Reading Slip, Lit Logs Due Tomorrow (100+ points)





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