Lit Log Check on Friday – English 8

Here’s a check list you should look over and compare with your own Lit Log contents. It’s okay if one or two of your items are in a slightly different order; that will not affect your grade. The main thing is to ensure that you have these items, and then make them up if you don’t. Journals are easy to write, and notes can be copied from a friend.

Spring 2017 Lit Log Check * English 8

  • Clock Partners
  • Lit Terms
  • Graphic Organizers & Other Early Papers
  • Journal #8
  • Journal #9
  • Slavery/Civil War/Lincoln Chart
  • Journal #10
  • “Letter to a Teacher” poem
  • Journal #11
  • Journal #12
  • Journal #13
  • Journal #14
  • Notes on Verb Moods/Tenses
  • Poetry Notes/Genres
  • Poetry Analysis
  • Journal #15
  • Journal #16
  • Rarer Forms of Poetry
  • Additional Poetry Notes
  • Poetry Notes-Figurative Language
  • Journal #17
  • Journal #18
  • Journal #19
  • Journal #20
  • Other valuable item I will allow to substitute for missing item… J

At the end:

  • Song and Poem-of-the-Week List

25 Items Total x 10 = 250 points possible

Your Grade:                                   /250



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2 responses to “Lit Log Check on Friday – English 8

  1. Madison jones. Period 1

    Hi Ms. Hawksworth! I had a question on my lit log… I switched journals at the begging of January. I do not have my poem and song of the week list inside my new lit log. Should I re glue it onto my new notebook or keep it there?

    – Madison Jones

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