Week of May 15, 2017

Here are some random notes for this week and next…

Period 1: Don’t forget to get your graduation contracts signed (even if you don’t think you’re graduating). Every student has to return this paper. The deadline is officially Friday, but I am asking for them by Wednesday so we can check that requirement off of our lists.

Periods 1-3: Your General English Final will be on Wednesday. It will include lit terms, conventions, analogies, and a few other things we have gone over this year. If you want to review, I recommend you reread the notes in your Lit Log and review old DOL papers. (Your Lit Logs are all graded, and if you don’t have yours yet, you can pick it up tomorrow.)

Periods 1-3: If we have time, there will be a Diary of Anne Frank test on Thursday or Friday.

Periods 5-6: You will have a General English Final on Wednesday as well. It will be worth 100 points. There are 100 questions. Your score needs to be higher on this test than the score you earned on your pre-test in the fall. None of you should have a problem meeting this goal. 🙂 The test covers conventions, analogies, basic lit terms, and advanced lit terms. Study the notes in your lit log. Review old DOL papers.

Periods 5-6: Research papers were due today. If you couldn’t turn yours in for some reason, I will still accept them one day late with a late pass or Renaissance card. Make sure your Works Cited page is attached. Rough drafts are not needed/expected.

All Classes:  We are on a regular schedule this week. Finals will take place during regular class periods. Each teacher will be able to tell you when their final will be.

Next Week:

  • Monday–Start the day in class and eventually head out to Fun in the Sun.
  • Tuesday–Go to periods 1, 2, 3 only. Sign yearbooks, pick up caps-n-gowns, and wrap up these classes.
  • Wednesday–Practice graduation at OJHS.
  • Thursday–Practice graduation at OHS.




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