About Dee Hawksworth and OJHS

This is my twenty-sixth year teaching at Oakdale Junior High School!  I love my job, and I love eighth graders.  I have two kids of my own, and I have three cats (but I’m not a crazy cat lady… I actually prefer dogs).

My daughter is going to UC Santa Cruz, and my son is going to UC Berkeley. I’m a super-proud mama!

OJHS has about 805 students.  There are currently three full-time eighth grade English teachers, and there are three seventh grade English teachers.  Mr. Webb is the principal, Mrs. Medlin and Mr. Allen are the vice-principals, and Mrs. Crawford is our lone counselor. The superintendent of Oakdale Joint Unifed School District is our former principal, Mr. Mark Malone. This is a great district. Even before I lived in Oakdale, I brought my kids to school here, and that’s a testament to how good the schools are. 🙂


71 responses to “About Dee Hawksworth and OJHS

  1. Cherish

    This is Cherish from your 1/3 period class!!! I Think that this blog is a great idea! It informs you on many things! Great idea!!! 🙂

  2. Bridget Wallimann

    Hey Ms. Hawksworth its Bridget:D i think 40 shillings is 49 cents

  3. Erin

    Hey Ms.Hawksworth.
    Its me Erin. Well I guess its good that i looked at your blog today i guess i get extra credit. Thats not the only reason why. I am sorry for not raising my hand today and whinnig about it it was very childish of me. Well, glads thats off my chest i felt so guilty. Well I hope you have a nice evening.

  4. Jazmine Velazquez

    Hi Ms.Hawksworth,
    It’s jazz in 7 and 8th period I won’t be at school today I’m not feeling well see you tomorrow have a nice day(:

  5. Jessica Taylor Traub

    This is esy then i thought it would be im 4/6 if you need to know 😀

  6. Bianka Ibarra

    Hello!! its bianka from your 4/6 per. 🙂

  7. Maddy Feuerstein

    Hey Mrs. Hawksworth just posting to let you know I’ve gotten on.

  8. Tammy Hamer

    Thanks for the weekly updates… Great way to keep up to date on what the kids are doing in class. (Daniel Roberts Mom)


  9. Camden B. Mauchley

    Spifabulous!! …I think thats how you spell it!! Haha!! I have a really fun time in your class Mrs. Hawksworth!! It is very SPIFFY in there!! 🙂

  10. karan

    hey its karandeep i am a high schooler now

  11. karan

    hi i am karandeep a past student

  12. Janell Day

    omg Ms. Hawksworth.. you are the best teacher ever!!! Every one in period 4/6 thinks so too! but not as much as Janell, Cayley, Lanie, and Haley!!! lol

  13. karan

    hows your foot

  14. Quintin Walsh

    Hi Ms. Hawksworth, its me Quintin Walsh. I read the thing about your son not wanting about your corny sense of humor and I thought that was funny because I do the same thing with my mom.

  15. angela smith

    Hey Ms. Hawksworth keep up the DOL your wierdo student justin (shirayuki) smith

  16. justin (shirayuki)

    Hey Ms. Hawksworth sorry about my moms last repost it was a mess up from my so yea keep up the DOL your wierdo student justin (shirayuki) smith

  17. Marissa

    hi Ms.Hawksworth- Marissa Thomas P1/2

  18. Checked out your blog today and set up automatic updates. We’re looking forward to a great year.

  19. hi Ms.Hawksworth i am having fun reading Freak the Mighty in class

  20. S.S.

    Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  21. Cameron Bettencourt

    Hey it is Cameron I love your blog 4/6 is the best 😃😃😃

  22. Akeem (Mowgli)

    Hi Ms. Hawksworth, this is Akeem from 7-8 period I like your class so far 🙂

  23. Kathleen Linderman (Akeem Smiley's mom)

    Hello Mr. Hawksworth, I am Akeem’s mom and my name is Kathleen Linderman. We have spoken after your presentation during Back to School night. I am excited that you are Akeem’s English teacher. I can already tell that he likes you and your teaching style. Off to a good start.
    Have a great year!

  24. Ruby Houchens

    Hi Ms. Hawksworth! I got around the block and you site is really cool. -Ruby from 1+2 period.

  25. Hey its cesar 7/8 period 😀

  26. Marnelle Salie

    Your blog is really cool and really informative 🙂

  27. (Akeem Smiley's)

    hi its akeem smiley

  28. Kathleen Linderman (Akeem Smiley's mom)

    Hi Mrs. Hawksworth:
    This is Akeem’s mom and we are happy that you are Akeem’s English teacher. Wishing you a great year 2013/14!

    Kathleen Linderman

  29. Hi, this is Madison. I just wanted to say that I love your class, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful year in your class!

  30. MiShA mIsTrY

    hello! this is misha mistry from 3/4 and so far i think you’re my best teacher!

  31. Jean Pagaduan

    Hiiiiiiiiiii! This is Jean Pagaduan from your 3rd and 4th period.

  32. Shivam Mistry

    Hi! This is Shivam Mistry from your 3rd & 4th period class. I know this is going to be an awesome year with you. You are also one of my favorite teachers this year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. Pat Mistry

    Hi Ms. Hawksworth. This is Shivam Mistry mom. Nice talking to you on blog. Look forward to meet you on back to school night.

  34. nicole linn

    just checking in

  35. Tina Mistry

    Hello Ms.Hawksworth! This is Tina, Misha’s mum! Misha’s really excited to be in your class. Hope to see you in person at back to school night!

  36. Mack

    Hi, this is Mykenzie aka Mack from your 3/4 period class. I am very excited for this year! You are hilarious and very high spirited. I am very glad that I recieved you as my English/Lit teacher this year!

  37. Casey C.

    Hello, this is Casey Calvin from your 6/8 period class. You have got to be one of the best english teacher i have had!

  38. Hello. This is Ryan Kummer from your sixth and eighth period class.

  39. Jennifer Reeves

    Hi, this is Jennifer Reeves from your third and fourth period class! I have enjoyed these first few weeks with you and really like your style of teaching!

  40. Tish

    Hello there Ms. Hawksworth this is Brian & Tish Cogburn, Alyssa’s parents.
    Alyssa is in your 6th & 8th period classes. Your blog is a wonderful idea to keep us all up to date. Thanks for sharing and wanting to be involved with your students.
    Thank you.

  41. Spencer Gagos

    THis is Spencer Gagos and cool blog.

  42. Mitchell Gagos

    Ms. Hawksworth, .Wishing you have A Nice Year!

  43. Sam aprile

    Hey Ms. Hawksworth it’s Sam A. from 6/8 periods. I was wondering if u could send me the promt for the peace essay because i lost mine and I know I waited till the last minute to write my peace essay but I had a periodic table project from Mrs. Benbow and I’m really stressed.

  44. Belle

    Hey its Isabelle from 3/4 period : )

  45. Christine

    Hi Ms. Hawksworth, this is Christine Rockwell, Isabelle Garcia’s Mom (3/4th periods). Looking forward to hearing about your class tomorrow at Back to School Night, Isabelle is already enjoying your class 🙂

  46. Jessica Arellano

    Hi it’s jessica from 6/7 period

  47. Luke Goad

    Hey, this is Luke Goad from your 6th period class, nice blog!

  48. Yassin

    It’s Yassin from period 1-2

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