Autobiographical Incident Handout

autobio guidelines-rev


5 responses to “Autobiographical Incident Handout

  1. Robin

    Just wanted to thank you for nominating Ariesa for student of the month. We are very proud of her 🙂

  2. Diane Gilbert

    Dear Mrs. Hawksworth,

    What does KWHL mean on your First-hand biography worksheet?

    With thanks,

    Diane Gilbert

    • Hi! KWHL stands for “What I already KNOW, What I WANT to know, HOW I will learn it, and What I LEARNED. I’m still toying with skipping this chart this year, though, so I will make a decision by Monday and let the kids know.

  3. Tabitha Davis

    Hi Mrs. Hawksworth, I’m Joshua’s Sullivan’s mother, Tabitha Davis, Joshua Sullivan All of our pictures are still in boxes and he has the assignment due that involves his photo, I was wondering if he can turn it in without his picture just for a few days to allow me to unpack it, as soon as I unpack it I will send it with him. I would highly appreciate it if you will allow him to bring his picture on Tuesday. Thank you for your time and understanding

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