Final Draft Guidelines

These final draft guidelines are pretty standard in Oakdale and in most secondary schools.  For students without computers, there are computers available in my room before and after school, and we will frequently use one of the OJHS computer labs.

  • titles are centered and paragraphs are indented, but text is left-aligned or left-justified
  • your heading (your name, my name, class title, and date–written day month year) must be in the top left corner
  • final drafts must be typed, double-spaced, in 12 or 14-point plain font
  • when handwritten final drafts are allowed, these must be in blue or black pen on one side of the page only
  • multiple pages shall be numbered
  • final drafts go on top of the stack of papers
  • previous drafts must be included (the bottom paper in the stack would be  your first draft or pre-writing page, and then you add the papers chronologically, until you get to the newest draft on top.  The idea is that your best work should be the most visible.)

If you need help with typing guidelines or formatting procedures, just let me know!


7 responses to “Final Draft Guidelines

  1. Bridget Wallimann

    Hey Mrs. Hawksworth its Bridget from your 4/6 per. class and on our essay do we have to number the pages and i think that 40 shillings is 0.49 cents but im not sure if its true

  2. lanie bug


  3. Lisa Anglim

    When the essay is printed, can it be double-sided? Just wanted to check before we print!

  4. Christian Capuno

    Ms. Hawksworth, it’s Christian from your 3/4 period, and I was wondering whether to italicize or italicize and underline the title.

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