Lit Log Contents for Periods 1-3


  • Journal #8
  • Preamble
  • Journal #9
  • Journal #10
  • 5 Facts about The Drummer Boy of Shiloh
  • Journal #11
  • Notes-Day #1-How to Spell Fish
  • Notes-Day #2-Facts about English
  • Notes-Day #3-I before E, except after C…
  • Notes-Day #4-DOL in the Real World
  • Journal #12
  • Rhyme Scheme #1
  • Rhyme Scheme #2
  • Journal #13
  • 50 Things I’ve Learned So Far This Year (does not have to be finished)



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Week of March 12, 2018

Hello! I hope you’re all having a good week.

Please note that I will be gone three days next week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) because the OHS Aca Dec team is going to state competition. The sub should be the same person for all three days, and I am expecting glowing sub notes! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Be on task, be polite, and get your work done.

Here’s the homework for this week in periods 1-3:

  • Monday-Dialogue WS #3
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip
  • Wednesday-Dialogue WS #4 and Finish List of 50 Things in Lit Log
  • Thursday-Reading Slip (Lit Logs Due Tomorrow)

And here’s the homework for periods 5-6:

  • Monday-Work on Hobbit Final Essay
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip and Finish Essay
  • Wednesday-Submit Essay and Rhyme Scheme Practice WS#1
  • Thursday-Reading Slip (Lit Logs Due Tomorrow)

Have a lovely rainy week!

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Hobbit Banquet Thank You Note

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for helping out with the hobbit banquets! I appreciate the fact that you were willing to buy and donate food or decorations for the kids, transport their stuff, assist with costumes, and generally put up with this project!

Both banquets were lovely, and the food was amazing. I also loved the programs and the invitations, but my favorite part was the incredible performances. I especially loved the songs and the videos and the stand-up comedy! Your riddles were also good, even better than I expected. 🙂

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the students that received the most accolades on the self-evaluation debriefing form: Savannah, Breelie, and Cooper all received extra thanks in period 5, and Reagan and Emalee earned several kudos in period 6.

Thanks again!

Ms. Hawksworth

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Periods 1-3

Hello! I am missing a good number of the “Lincoln and Fatherhood” Close Reading Questions from Tuesday and Friday. Please finish this assignment and bring it with you tomorrow! (The article is white and the worksheet is yellow.)


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Week of February 26, 2018

Reminder: Keep your Lit Log up-to-date!

Also, you have a minimum day on Wednesday. Be safe out there.

Here’s the homework for the week in English, periods 1-3:

  • Monday-“O Captain! My Captain!” worksheet (to study for quiz)
  • Tuesday-reading slip
  • Wednesday-dialogue corrections
  • Thursday-reading slip

And here’s the homework for the week in Pre-AP English, periods 5-6:

  • Monday-Read The Hobbit and complete a worksheet or two…
  • Tuesday-reading slip
  • Wednesday-Read The Hobbit and complete a worksheet or two… Pre-AP Contracts are also due tomorrow for OHS.
  • Thursday-reading slip
  • Friday-Finish reading The Hobbit and complete the chapter 14-19 study guides and the green character chart.

The revised dates for the Hobbit banquets are March 7 for period 5 and March 8 for period 6.


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Week of February 20, 2018

Hello! Grades are going up for most people! Keep up the good work!

I will be collecting and grading Lit Logs soon, so please make sure your notebook is up-to-date. If you have been absent and we took notes or wrote journals or whatever, you need to make up that work. Thank you.

Here’s the homework for the week in Periods 1-3:

  • Monday-No School
  • Tuesday-Finish “The Gettysburg Address” Close Reading Worksheet
  • Wednesday-Reading Slip
  • Thursday-Finish LAP on “O Captain My Captain”

And here’s the homework for the week in Periods 5-6:

  • Monday-No School
  • Tuesday-Read Chapter 12 of The Hobbit
  • Wednesday-Read Chapter 13 of The Hobbit
  • Thursday-Reading Slip & Quiz Friday on chapters 9-12 of The Hobbit

Have a good week!

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Week of February 13, 2018

Hello! I am not feeling well and will be out tomorrow and possibly Thursday.

To concerned parents, some grades have dropped a bit because of the CFA (Common Formative Assessment). Although I only made it worth 10 points, many students did not do well on it. It was a reading comprehension passage. There are two main things we will do to improve the quiz/test portion of their grades: 1) Retake the CFA; 2) Take other quizzes (and do well on those) to improve the average in that category. Since the CFA is the only grade in that category right now, it made a big dent, but that’s just temporary.

In my regular English classes tomorrow, there will be a quiz on the following: MLA dates, indenting paragraphs, appositives, interrupters, punctuating book and movie titles, the meaning of metacognition, a definition of endurance, topic sentences, concluding sentences, and one or two other things that will be bonus questions. These are all things we have been working on this semester, and it’s time to show me that you’ve been listening! 🙂

Here’s the homework for English, periods 1-3:

  • Monday–no school
  • Tuesday–finish Close Reader assignment: “A Mystery of Heroism” (worth 55 points!!)
  • Wednesday–reading slip
  • Thursday–reading slip

And here’s the homework for Pre-AP English, periods 5-6:

  • Monday–no school
  • Tuesday–reading slip and read chapter 9
  • Wednesday–read chapter 10 and finish worksheet for ch. 9-10
  • Thursday–reading slip

Please email if you have any questions. Have a good week! (And be good for the sub/s!)


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