Week of August 21, 2017

Dear Students (and Parents or Guardians),

Thank you for signing up for my weekly updates. I really appreciate it, and I hope my posts make keeping up with assignments a little easier.

Here’s what’s going on this week:

English Periods 1-3:

  • Monday–We started reading Freak the Mighty, which is a great modern fiction work about two boys who go on adventures together. We also started a new week of DOL. Homework: Study green lit terms in your Lit Log (pages 10-11).
  • Tuesday–Classwork: DOL and 3×3 presentations. Homework: Reading Slip
  • Wednesday–CW: DOL and continue Freak the Mighty. HW: FTM plot diagram.
  • Thursday–CW: DOL and FTM. HW: Reading Slip
  • Friday–CW: DOL Due. First Lit Terms Quiz. Read FTM.

Pre-AP English Periods 5-6:

  • Monday–We read a short story called “Young Blue Eyes.” We annotated the story and have ten questions to answer for Homework. We also started a new week of DOL and set up Quarter 1 Clock Partners.
  • Tuesday–Classwork: DOL and 3×3 presentations. Homework: Reading Slip.
  • Wednesday–CW: DOL and Write LAP (Literary Analysis Paragraph) about “Young Blue Eyes.” HW: MLA Heading Assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Thursday–CW: DOL and Read “I Won’t Hire People with Poor Grammar and Here’s Why.” Annotate. Discuss. Answer Questions. HW: Reading Slip
  • Friday–CW: DOL Due. First Lit Terms Quiz. Read two or three poems and discuss. Update Poem-of-the-Week Chart in your Lit Log.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me or post a comment on this blog. Have a good week!

Ms. Hawksworth



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Post a Comment! Get Extra Credit!

You just need to say your name and period number, and you will get five points extra credit. (Of course, you can write more if you wish…) This offer expires on Friday, August 25, and only applies to your FIRST comment. 🙂

You may also get extra credit for the first comment a parent or guardian posts.




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A Note to Former Students

First of all, I hope you had a great first day of high school!

Second, I hope to see you around OHS. I’m in room E7 during seventh period, so please feel free to drop by sometime. To the nine of you that joined Aca Dec, I adore you! Thank you!

Last, you’ll probably want to unsubscribe from these emails, and you can do that at the bottom of the email. Just click on the “Unsubscribe” link. I’m sorry I can’t do it for you.

Have a great school year!




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Dear Students (and Parents/Guardians),

Welcome to eighth grade English! I had a great day today, and I hope you did as well. I think it’s going to be a fabulous year!

Please remember to subscribe so you get my weekly emails.

Also, the first time you post a comment, you will get five points extra credit, and the same goes for the first comment from a parent or guardian. (It’s okay to just say something like, “Hi, my name is Tecumseh, and I’m in your third period class.”)

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find my weekly updates useful. 🙂


Ms. Hawksworth


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Happy Last Week of Eighth Grade!

Wow! It’s already the last week of school, and I am sooooooo not ready. Don’t get me wrong: your papers are graded; my forms are completed; report card grades are all ready and will go into Aeries soon; and I’ve made my summer plans for professional development… But I’m not ready to let this class go. I promise you that I do not say this every year… You are an amazing class made up of funny and smart and kind individuals, and I will really miss you. (Ten of you have signed up for Aca Dec, which is wonderful, and that makes this a little easier.) 🙂

Here’s a quick recap of what we’re doing this week:

  • Monday–Start in class and gradually be released to Fun in the Sun if you earned a Renaissance card for the third quarter.
  • Tuesday–Go to periods 1, 2, and 3. Sign yearbooks, watch the Diary of Anne Frank movie, listen to my sappy graduation speech… {MINIMUM DAY}
  • Wednesday–Practice graduation at OJHS. Non-grads will be in various classrooms. {MINIMUM DAY}
  • Thursday–Practice graduation at OHS. (The stadium is hot and reflective. Wear sunscreen or a hat and bring water.) Non-grads stay in various classrooms. {MINIMUM DAY}

And then… Thursday Night… Graduation is at 7:00 PM at the OHS football stadium. Get there early for parking!

Have a great week!


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Week of May 15, 2017

Here are some random notes for this week and next…

Period 1: Don’t forget to get your graduation contracts signed (even if you don’t think you’re graduating). Every student has to return this paper. The deadline is officially Friday, but I am asking for them by Wednesday so we can check that requirement off of our lists.

Periods 1-3: Your General English Final will be on Wednesday. It will include lit terms, conventions, analogies, and a few other things we have gone over this year. If you want to review, I recommend you reread the notes in your Lit Log and review old DOL papers. (Your Lit Logs are all graded, and if you don’t have yours yet, you can pick it up tomorrow.)

Periods 1-3: If we have time, there will be a Diary of Anne Frank test on Thursday or Friday.

Periods 5-6: You will have a General English Final on Wednesday as well. It will be worth 100 points. There are 100 questions. Your score needs to be higher on this test than the score you earned on your pre-test in the fall. None of you should have a problem meeting this goal. 🙂 The test covers conventions, analogies, basic lit terms, and advanced lit terms. Study the notes in your lit log. Review old DOL papers.

Periods 5-6: Research papers were due today. If you couldn’t turn yours in for some reason, I will still accept them one day late with a late pass or Renaissance card. Make sure your Works Cited page is attached. Rough drafts are not needed/expected.

All Classes:  We are on a regular schedule this week. Finals will take place during regular class periods. Each teacher will be able to tell you when their final will be.

Next Week:

  • Monday–Start the day in class and eventually head out to Fun in the Sun.
  • Tuesday–Go to periods 1, 2, 3 only. Sign yearbooks, pick up caps-n-gowns, and wrap up these classes.
  • Wednesday–Practice graduation at OJHS.
  • Thursday–Practice graduation at OHS.



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Pre-AP English 8–Lit Logs Due Friday

Notebooks are due on Friday. Here’s a list of what you need to have to get an A+. Note that the early informational pages (there were approximately 17 of them!) are just represented by the first four items below. You could be missing one or two of the others not specifically listed and still be fine.

Spring 2017 Lit Log Assessment

Pre-AP English 8

  • Clock Partners
  • Lit Terms (Basic 1, Basic 2, Additional, Advanced 1, Advanced 2)
  • Writing Record
  • Other Early Papers
  • Journal #8
  • Journal #9
  • Journal #10
  • Common Archetypes in Literature
  • Journal #11
  • Journal #12
  • Riddle Poem
  • Journal #13
  • Journal #14
  • Poetry Notes/Genres
  • Poetry Analysis
  • Journal #15
  • Rarer Forms of Poetry
  • Journal #16
  • Journal #17
  • “O Captain! My Captain!”
  • Journal #18
  • Journal #19
  • Journal #20-homework, if nec.

At End:

  • Song and Poem-of-the-Week List 1
  • Song and Poem-of-the-Week List 2

25 Items Total x 10 = 250 points possible

Your Score:                           /250

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