Week of April 25, 2017

Hello! I hope you all had a fun and/or productive spring break. 🙂

As we are winding down the school year, I would like to remind everyone that good behavior is important, not only so you can still participate in graduation and go on field trips, but also so that the other people in your classes can learn without distractions. Thank you. 🙂

Please also remember that extra credit in our school district is meant for kids who are already doing all of their work and want to do something EXTRA. It is not meant as a substitute for work you chose not to complete earlier in the term. In addition, we wrote 7-10 poems in class, and I offered extra credit if you submitted one or two poems to the school anthology and contest. Only a handful of students did so. I also offered extra credit to those of you that showed me your Stanislaus County library card, and very few did that as well, even though they are free and easy to obtain. Please do not come to me in a panic as the end of the semester nears and ask for extra credit. By the way, I promise you that I am not as grumpy as these last two paragraphs make it sound… I’m just being very direct and trying to save you some trouble. 🙂

Here’s the homework for the week in English, periods 1-3:

  • Monday–No School
  • Tuesday–Reading Slip; Get Grade Sheet Signed
  • Wednesday–LAP Shaping Sheet or Giver Half Sheet
  • Thursday–Reading Slip

And the homework for Pre-AP English, periods 5 and 6:

Have a good week!


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Week of April 10, 2017

Hello! Happy four days until spring break!

Here is the homework for Periods 1-3, English 8:

  • Monday-Read Chapter 8 and complete half sheet. Also get GS Signed.
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip (not The Giver). Get GS Signed if you haven’t yet.
  • Wednesday-Read Chapter 8 and complete half sheet.
  • Thursday-Read The Giver Chapters 13-18 and answer study questions.

And here’s the homework for Periods 5-6, Pre-AP English 8:

  • Monday-Lincoln/Douglas Debate Chart and Crossword Puzzle #2.
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip. Finish close reading assignment.
  • Wednesday-Type and submit LAP about Lincoln’s struggles.
  • Thursday-Close Reading Articles

Have a good week!


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Week of April 3, 2017

Hello! Happy April!

I hope you are all doing well. We had ELA testing last week and math testing this week. I’m sure the kids will be glad to get it all over with. 🙂

Grades are mostly updated in Aeries except I haven’t finished grading Poetry Test Part C for a few classes. Sorry about that. 😦 Those will be updated some time this week. There are some students who still need to make up one or more parts of the poetry test. If you don’t get those done this week, the scores will remain zeroes. I have one or two more extra credit grades to add for library cards, but those are mostly complete. Extra credit for submitting poems to the poetry contest/anthology will not be entered until the anthology comes out and I see your poems in print.

As we enter the final stretch, we are running out of time to bring up your grades. Counting today, we have nine school days before spring break. After spring break, we basically have 16 school days before finals on May 17-19 and before the final week (which is mostly taken up with practicing graduation, picking up yearbooks, etc.). That is not to say you can’t bring up your grades… It’s just to encourage you to keep working at it. Don’t slack off and think you have tons of time because you really don’t!

In periods 1-3, we are starting The Giver, and in periods 5-6, we are starting Lincoln: A Photobiography. This is one of my favorite biographies, and it has the added benefit of being quite short but still having an advanced reading level.

Finally, here are the homework assignments for the week in English 8:

  • Monday-Finish The Giver pre-reading WS and get your GS signed.
  • Tuesday-Complete reading slip. Get GS signed.
  • Wednesday-Finish vocabulary chart.
  • Thursday-Reading Slip.

And here are the homework assignments for Pre-AP English 8:

  • Monday-Complete white vocabulary chart.
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip. Finish crossword #1 (words 1-20).
  • Wednesday-Answer Chapter 2 Close Reading Questions.
  • Thursday-Reading Slip. Finish Lincoln chapter if necessary.

Have a good week!





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Deadline = Friday

Hello! I just realized that Friday is the deadline for three things which you may not want to miss:

  • Sign-Ups for the Eighth Grade Field Trip–Bring your money and permission slip to the business office.
  • Stanislaus County library card extra credit–Bring your card to me for ten points extra credit.
  • Poetry Contest extra credit (submit one or two poems to gwegener@ojusd.org). Use an MLA heading on your docs so she knows who your English teacher is. When the anthology comes out and I see your poem(s), I will give you the ten or twenty points extra credit then.

I hope you are having a good week!



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Week of March 27, 2017

Greetings! I apologize for dropping the ball on my posts this month. I have lots of good reasons for being so busy, but I should have tried harder to make the time for this. The only saving grace (in my opinion) is that I have been keeping Aeries fairly well updated. I will enter more scores today and tomorrow, and by Wednesday, it will once again have EVERYTHING entered.

Side Note: I was gone for two days last week while my Academic Decathlon team was competing in the state competition. We did fairly well, bringing home fourteen medals and beating Hughson, our rival from the county competition. 🙂

This week will be an easy week, homework-wise. We are doing our state testing for English on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There will be no DOL, no homework, and no grade sheets. Today and Friday are the only two days where we will do regular English work. Please get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, bring a snack if you want, and do your best.

Have a good week!

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Week of February 27, 2017

Hello! Happy Monday!

Please remember that the OHS Pre-AP English test is tomorrow, for people who are not already in Pre-AP English or for people who ARE in Pre-AP English but have a C or lower. Your contracts are also due tomorrow, and that’s for EVERYONE who wants to be in the class.

Also, I am still allowing students to show me their Stanislaus County library cards for extra credit. I have only seen about fifteen so far, but I have more than 100 students. 🙂

Here’s the homework for the week in Periods 1-3, English 8:

  • Monday-Finish LAP shaping sheet for the poem “Identity” on page 80 in the Close Reader. Get GS Signed (by Wednesday).
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip. Get GS Signed.
  • Wednesday-No HW (We are doing a practice test in class on this day.)
  • Thursday-Reading Slip

And here’s the homework for Periods 5-6, Pre-AP English 8:

  • Monday-Write a poem about poets, poems, or poetry in general.
  • Tuesday-Reading Slip
  • Wednesday-No Homework (We are doing a practice test in class on this day.)
  • Thursday-Reading Slip

I will be randomly checking lit logs this week and next week, so please make sure your notebook is up-to-date and complete. If you have missed any school this quarter, check your lit log against a friend’s or check the absent student binder to make sure you’ve done all of the lit log tasks.

Thanks! Have a good week! 🙂

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If you plan to go into Pre-AP English at OHS…

Please don’t forget that your Pre-AP English contract is due on Tuesday. If you have friends who are taking the test to get into Pre-AP because they aren’t already in my Pre-AP class, please remind them the test is Tuesday after school and their contracts are due then. Thank you!

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