Super Hero Magazine Requirements


Your project should include the following, in this order:

  1. (optional) colorful, magazine-style cover;
  2. MLA-style cover page;
  3. colorful drawing of the superhero;
  4. biography of two paragraphs or more, properly formatted;
  5. cinquain poem about hero;
  6. limerick poem about hero;
  7. magazine/newspaper article with minimum of 5 short ¶;
  8. fan letter of two paragraphs or more;
  9. comic strip (colored and/or more than 3 panels for e/c);
  10. colorful drawing of the superhero’s archenemy;
  11. list of ten conflicts, labeled correctly, rewritten or typed;
  12. (optional) biography of the superhero’s archenemy;
  13. (optional) extra comic strips;
  14. (optional) interviews, letters to the editor, advertisements, etc.;
  15. (optional) extra songs or poems about superhero;
  16. an MLA-style bibliography, which will be provided for you.

Feel free to include extra writing pieces and/or illustrations if you have time. Also, this project could really use a colorful, magazine-style cover for even more extra credit!

• Biographies should be typed in a double-spaced format.
• Letters and Articles can be typed in a single-spaced format.
• The ten conflicts can be single-spaced or double-spaced and must be recopied from the original handout.
• All required work (except for drawings and comics) should be typed or in blue or black ink. Additional extra credit pages can be more colorful.
• The planning worksheet we did early on should not be included.
• Rough drafts should not be included!
• Quite a bit of extra credit is available on this project, so take this opportunity while you can…
• I am providing the MLA-style bibliography, but if you want to retype it, you can get extra credit for that, too. See me for formatting help, as “hanging indents” can be tricky.


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  1. Yvette Giometti

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Very informative.

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