Weekly Yellow Grade Sheets

The Weekly Yellow Grade Sheet (also referred to as “GS”) is a big part of my class.  How does it work?  You check your grade when you come in on Monday of each week.  I have new grades posted in the back corner (anonymously) by your student ID number.  You write in the date, the percentage, and the letter grade each week.  Your parent or guardian signs it by Wednesday (or the third day of the week, depending on holidays and so on).  You get 20 points.  It’s easy!  It’s a lot of points for very little effort.  

So what’s the catch?  The main problem is that people don’t always write their grades down accurately, so I take off points, depending on how far off you were.  The other big problem is that some students know their parents won’t like their grades, so they don’t show them their yellow grade sheet.  Hmmm… Unfortunately, this makes  your grades worse.  Remember, your parents and guardians will eventually find out your grades anyway, so you are just putting off the inevitable, and by putting it off, you are possibly digging your grade into a deeper hole that you might not be able to dig your way out of… That’s a bad metaphor, but my point is… if you don’t like your grade, face the music anyway.  Show it to your parents.  Promise to do better.  Make an effort now, before it’s too late, and it’s a lot harder to fix.  You can do it!

Clicking on either of the titles below will take you to a grade sheet that you can view or print.

Grade Sheet Fall

Grade Sheet Spring


4 responses to “Weekly Yellow Grade Sheets

  1. megan

    this is a great way to get extra credit!

  2. Jessica Taylor Traub

    Hi Mrs. Hawksworth may I get todays homework because I was absent. Today is 9/6/11. Thanks!

  3. stephanie

    I believe in you Brandon!

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